Hi, my real name is Charles Bailey and until recently I worked in the UK for a software company as a software architect. I’ve now moved jobs to a very small software company and am (once again) a software engineer.

I’ve always been a mathematician (that’s what I have my degree in), but most of my time now is spent being a programmer. My principal language is C++, although I have tried all sorts (BASIC – spectrum / BBC / VB, Pascal, ARM assembler, APL, perl, x86 assembler, amd64 assembler, Java, Ada – once, just to help someone else out, python, C and handful of others that I don’t care to admit to). C++ isn’t always the most beautiful or clear language but it is immensely powerful, expressive and flexible.

I have about 9 years commercial C++ experience, so I know a fair few of the ugly corners of the language and library, but I’m still learning. I’m sure if I ever get close to knowing about all the obscure corners then they’ll finally release the new C++0x version of the standard and I can carry on learning.

I plan to post things that I come across during my exploration that I find interesting, different or useful but I have a naturally dry and uninteresting writing style, so I don’t mind if you switch off or head off somewhere else.