Address Space Monitor 0.6 Release Thursday 17th April 2008

Address Space Monitor 0.6 has been released. In true ‘alpha’ quality style it has gained many features, while probably being no more stable than the previous release.

The major new feature is virtual address space recording which enables you to record the address space usage of a program over time and later analyse the recording and compare it with other runs.

Address Space Monitor now comes bundled with a number of command line utilities for manipulating recordings and extracting statistics from them, but for now these are completely undocumented so you should not rely on their interface (or indeed their existence) in future releases.

As always, the installer and source are both available here and as before the license is an MIT license variant.

Address Space Monitor

Please use responsibly.

Mark March 9th, 2009


Just wanted to thank you for this utterly awesome thing. I’ve been casting about in the dark for days looking for an obscure bug, and have now seen the light thanks to Address Space Monitor. Being able to see the address space usage immediately put me on the right track. Wonderful!


paul August 16th, 2010

I have been using address space monitor recently and found it very useful but have noticed that if I have a process with LARGEADDRESSWARE set and the /3GB boot.ini option then it monitors the 3GB space but if I run the same 32bit process on x64 windows where it gets a 4GB space ASM only monitors the first 2GB.

Travis January 13th, 2012

I downloaded the address space monitor and the virus scanner said it was clean. When I went to install it on my Windows 7 computer, though, the scanner caught a “Generic BackDoor!dxz” virus.

Travis January 13th, 2012

With more experimentation, I found the problem occurred only when I tried to install both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, or just 32-bit. It did not occur when installing only the 64-bit version.

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