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git backups interacting with git Wednesday 5th December 2007 1 Comment

This is really important! git as a generalized backup utility interacts with and git repositories that it finds in an ‘interesting’ way. It treats them as a submodule, so instead of backing up the git repository, it just records a reference to the current HEAD of the submodule. I believe that this is “by design”, […]

git as a general purpose backup utility Monday 3rd December 2007 Comments Off on git as a general purpose backup utility

When it was first suggested to me that you could just use git for backup I was not convinced. You would have these massive .git directories in high level places on your filesystem for one. Now that I’ve had some time to reflect on the possibility I think that perhaps it isn’t such a crazy […]

bashrc magic vs. terminfo Tuesday 28th August 2007 Comments Off on bashrc magic vs. terminfo

A while ago, I was fiddling around with a custom terminfo entry to try and get 256 colour mode working for angband with PuTTY. (No , I don’t have time to play; I do sometimes have enough time to compile the latest version and fiddle around with terminfo settings.) So I managed to get it […]

Spam, now assassinated Friday 10th August 2007 Comments Off on Spam, now assassinated

I hadn’t quite realised how much spam was irritating me until I got rid of it all. Previously I had a fixed procmail filter for info@, sales@ addresses for my domain and then let thunderbird perform its adaptive junk mail filtering on anything left. Unfortunately, my primary email address must have been exposed a few […]

make – thank you for the music Wednesday 11th July 2007 Comments Off on make – thank you for the music

Make doesn’t have to be just for complex code building applications. I have my own postgres database of the albums that I own and have ripped, mainly because I’m a bit picky about the formatting of tag metadata. I have a script that you can point at a musicbrainz album entry and it will download […]

Ramble on Monday 25th June 2007 No Comments

Well the upgrade to WordPress 2.2.1 seemed to go relatively harmlessly and while I was at it I set up a cron job to backup my mysql database (not my choice, no postgresql option) to my home computer. ssh is a very powerful tool. My backup across the network is a really simple shell script […]

Entry number one Tuesday 19th June 2007 Comments Off on Entry number one

Well this is it, it looks like I’ve managed to install WordPress in my webspace. Now I just need something to write about…