Address Space Monitor Tuesday 23rd October 2007

Finally, I manage to release software on the unsuspecting world!

I wrote this tool in response to spending some painful time debugging a process which seemed unable to allocate a chunk of memory when most conventional tools were showing that the process wasn’t at the limit in terms of memory usage and the system hadn’t run out of swap space. The problem was virtual address space fragmentation.

Address Space Monitor is a windows tool that shows graphically how a process’ address space has been carved up and how big and where the biggest blobs of contiguous free memory are in the address space.

Naturally, if you are using the tool in earnest, the process which is giving you trouble will inevitably be resource heavy and slow. Hence, Address Space Monitor (ASM hence forth – not to be confused with assembly language source files) has been written to minimise its own resource usage while retaining boredom alleviating features such as fun colours and a bouncy CPU meter. You cannot yet use it to read mail, so it is still classed as “in development”. Oh yes, and the ‘a’ at the end of 0.5a means that it is alpha software.

Oh, where is it?

<c3po>Over Here!</c3po>

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